Research & Publications

Research Interests

My primary research interests include supernova cosmology and type Ia supernova (SN Ia) progenitors. I am also interested in light echoes, other binary white dwarf systems (CVs, mergers, ELMs, etc.), and brown dwarfs.

Supernova Cosmology

The value of the Hubble Constant (H0) as measured using SNe Ia distances and the CMB differ by ~5σ. I use surface brightness fluctuations to calibrate distances to fainter, faster-declining SNe Ia to test if SNe Ia systematics can resolve the tension.

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Light Echoes & SNe Ia Progenitors

The exact progenitor systems and their relative occurrence rates are not well known. I use light echoes as a probe of the local dust environments around SNe Ia to search for circumstellar material that can tell us about the progenitors.

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White Dwarf Binaries

In addition to SNe Ia progenitors, I am also interested in other white dwarf (WD) binary systems. I have assisted with observations of the first known WD pulsar (AR Sco) and a WD merger candidate now tied to an ancient SN Iax (J005311). I was also part of a search for evidence of debris disks around ELM WDs.

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Directly Imaged Brown Dwarfs

At least two of a brown dwarf's (BD) luminosity, mass, and age must be known in order to uniquely characterize the brown dwarf. I use directly imaged BDs with all three properties measured to benchmark substellar evolutionary models.

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List of Publications

Date Title & Authors Links
TBD Connecting Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuation Distances to Type Ia Supernova Hosts:
Testing the Top Rung of the Distance Ladder; P. Garnavich, C. M. Wood, et al.; ApJ submitted
[ADS] [arXiv]
10/2022 The Pantheon+ Analysis: The Full Data Set and Light-curve Release
D. Scolnic, D. Brout, A. Carr, ..., C. M. Wood, et al.; ApJ 938,113
[ADS] [arXiv]
10/2022 The Pantheon+ Analysis: SuperCal-fragilistic Cross Calibration, Retrained SALT2 Light-curve Model,
and Calibration Systematic Uncertainty; D. Brout, G. Taylor, D. Scolnic, C. M. Wood, et al.; ApJ 938,111
[ADS] [arXiv]
10/2022 The Pantheon+ Analysis: Cosmological Constraints
D. Brout, D. Scolnic, B. Popovic, ..., C. M. Wood, et al.; ApJ 938,110
[ADS] [arXiv]
08/2021 Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuation Distances for MASSIVE and Type Ia Supernova Host Galaxies
J. Jensen, J. P. Blakeslee, C.-P. Ma, ..., C. M. Wood; ApJS 255,21
[ADS] [arXiv]
09/2020 Rapid Variability in the Wind from the White Dwarf Merger Candidate J005311
P. Garnavich, C. Littlefield, R. Pogge, C. M. Wood; RNAAS 4,167
[ADS] [arXiv]
04/2020 The TRENDS High-contrast Imaging Survey. VIII. Compendium of Benchmark Objects
E. J. Gonzales, J. R. Crepp, E. B. Bechter, C. M. Wood, et al.; ApJ 893,27
[ADS] [arXiv]
03/2019 Benchmarking Substellar Evolutionary Models Using New Age Estimates for HD 4747 B and HD 19467 B
C. M. Wood, T. Boyajian, K. von Braun, et al.; ApJ 873,83
[ADS] [arXiv]
10/2018 High-time-resolution Photometry of AR Scorpii: Confirmation of the White Dwarf’s Spin-down
R. A. Stiller, C. Littlefield, P. Garnavich, C. M. Wood, et al.; AJ 156,150
[ADS] [arXiv]